Provider of high brightness EUV light sources.


Tin DropletsEUV deployment in the semiconductor industry requires high brightness, as well as reliable and cost effective EUV sources for mask inspection. Adlyte’s LPP (Laser Produced Plasma) sources produce high brightness EUV light by focusing a pulsed laser on high frequency droplets of tin. The droplets are tracked and steered to ensure optimum interaction with the laser beam. A dedicated controller manages the number of shots required for each application. The flexible system operates with low cost of ownership, high conversion efficiency, cleanliness, extended collector lifetime and easy maintainability. Our innovative LPP technology will help the semiconductor industry to scale beyond the 22 nm node.

Adlyte’s light sources are suitable for:
• Aerial imaging review
• Patterned mask inspection
• Mask blank inspection

• EUV microscopy